Are You Giving Your Wife a Framed Gift for Mother's Day?

Have you already been planning your wife's Mother's Day gift and celebration for a long time? Perhaps you were inspired to give her framed items when you saw a collection of framed friend and family photographs at somebody's house. Or, maybe you saw the idea in a catalog you were browsing. No matter what gave you the idea, you can learn some ideas here—from selecting custom picture frames to selecting stencils to go with the collection.

Select the Items to Be Framed 

If you want this to be a total surprise, you'll have to be sneaky about collecting things like photographs and other memorabilia. Start by choosing the pictures that you want to place in frames. For example, maybe you will collect photographs of your family on different trips you've taken over the years. Part of the framed collection might include pictures of friends who you consider to be almost-family. Do you want to frame them all in the same way? A slim, black frame on each picture would be both simple and dramatic.

What are some of the other items you could include in the collection for the wall decor? For example, Maybe you still have theater tickets for when you and your wife attended a special concert. Would she get a kick out of having those framed and included next to the picture of you two going to the event?

What about things like your kid's baby booties or the tiny gloves that your now grown daughter wore for Easter Sunday? Do you want to frame a special piece of jewelry? For instance, maybe your wife would be thrilled to have her father's pocket watch placed into a shadow box frame. 

Add Special Stenciling

Part of your framed gifts might also be the promise of you stenciling special messages on the same wall that will hold the collection. For example, stenciled words like Thanks for the memories! or They were great years and the best is yet to come! would both be appropriate stenciled messages.

Another idea is to stencil single words along with the photographs. For example, words like Dreams, Treasures, Cherished, and Eternal might speak volumes. Think of also stenciling other designs along with the framed items. For example, a flower stencil at the top and at the bottom of the row of pictures might help them to stand out.

If you want to try out these ideas or you want to see even more ideas, contact local framing services for assistance.