What To Look For When Purchasing Doll Families And Story Kits

If you're about to purchase a doll set or story kit for your child, take a look at more than just the age rating. Whether your child just really likes dolls, or whether you're working on early childhood development with your child, the types of dolls and how the kits are set up can make all the difference. Not only can the toys affect how your child feels, but they can also affect how you have to deal with the sets.

Incorporating Oral Sensory Activities into Your Preschool Curriculum

Preschool programs are designed to help young children grow and develop in preparation for attendance at an elementary school. While there are many different types of preschool programs available to the public, the incorporation of oral sensory activities within your program will help prepare your children for a more successful future. These types of activities can help children learn to regulate and control their breathing, preventing stress and allowing them to avoid escalating behaviors.